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Dillon 650 Starlight Installation Instructions

  1. The light module can be attached with the tool head attached to the press or removed.  If you have the Dillon powder alarm, you will need to remove the rod temporarily.
  2. Locate the large retainer.  If your tool head looks like the one on the left, locate the smallest retainer.  If it looks like the one on the right, locate the medium sized retainer.
  3. Insert both retainers into the light module then position the light module under the tool head and push the retainers into the tool head until they are fully seated.
  4. If you have the Dillon powder measure, reattach the rod.  Note that on older tool heads (left image) the rod may not fit into the small light retainer.  In that case you can omit the small retainer.
  5. Plug the switch into the light and the power adapter into the switch. 
  6. Plug in the power adapter and activate the switch to turn on the light.