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Dillon 1050 Bearing Kit Installation Instructions

  1. Remove the tool head from the press.
  2. Remove the four lock ring insert and screws from the lock ring and set them aside - they will not be reused.
  3. Remove the lock ring.
  4. Loosen the finished round ejector tab and swing it out of the way of the shell plate.
  5. Remove the shell plate
  6. Remove the existing detent ball and set it aside – it will not be reused.  Place the new low mass detent ball in its place.  Use the Teflon ball (satin finish) for the smoothest motion and to further reduce shock on the shell plate when the shell plate indexes.  Use the Delrin ball (shiny finish) when the longest possible life is preferred.
  7. Apply a thin coating of grease to both sides of the bearing, then install the shell plate, o-ring, thrust bearing, and lock ring in that order.  Be sure the bearing is centered on the o-ring and makes full contact with the shell plate (be sure the o-ring does not get caught between the bearing and shell plate or lock ring.  Leave the lock ring slightly loose for now.
  8. Install the new low profile lock ring inserts (4) and screws (4).  Leave the screws a bit loose for now.
  9. Use a feeler gauge (a matchbook cover can be used in a pinch) to set the gap between the shell plate and press base to about 0.015” by tightening or loosening the lock ring.  Measure the gap at the last station before the finished round is ejected.  Once the gap is set, cycle the press to ensure the shell plate moves smoothly.  Tighten the four lock ring insert screws to secure the lock ring.
  10. Reposition the finished round ejector and tighten the screw.
  11. Install the Spill Stop in the station just after the powder drop.  The pin goes through the Spill Stop hub and replaces the existing Dillon tab.  The flanged side of the hub faces up.
  12. Replace the tool head and test out the press.